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Creating Paired Reading Lessons to Develop Fluency and Critical Literacy




Thanks so much for coming to our Paired Reading site! If you attended one of our workshops, we hope you found it useful. Do not be misled by the 2014 date in the Wiki address. We update the page frequently and, in fact, have put up a few new reading files right after our 2016 TESOL workshop. 

We've put the files from our workshops on the  workshop page.

Be sure to look for additional reading materials on the readings page.

PLEASE NOTE: You don't have to request permission to use these materials or get on this site. There are two tabs on every page. The front tab shows the window with the content. The second tab says "Download." If you see something you'd like to use, just highlight it on the content page and click the download tab. You should have the document/file or image downloaded to your computer fairly quickly.



Jayme and Lori


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